"One must teach the eye to see nature, and how many have not seen it and never will! It is the torment of our lives."

The first book of its kind, Cast Drawing Using the Sight-Size Approach by Darren R. Rousar teaches the student a systematic way to meet the challenges of cast drawing. Traditionally taught in classical art ateliers, Sight-Size is an approach to drawing and painting from life. It is through cast drawing that the basics of Sight-Size are learned. This approach is readily adaptable to other disciplines such as portraiture, still life, interiors, landscape and figurative painting as well as sculpture.

After cast drawing, cast painting is the next step for the student at many classical art ateliers. The first book of its kind, Cast Painting Using the Sight-Size Approach provides the student with all of the necessary information to succeed at Sight-Size cast painting in oil. In addition to teaching the theory and processes involved in cast painting, Cast Painting Using the Sight-Size Approach also has sections on materials and stretching canvas as well as a short commentary on the "unity of effect" with selections from R.A.M. Stevenson's 1895 edition of Velasquez.

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The Sight-Size approach to drawing and painting is traditionally learned through cast drawing. For those who prefer to be taught through sight and sound, the DVD Sight-Size and the Art of Seeing presents the complete cast drawing instruction described in its companion volume, Cast Drawing Using the Sight-Size Approach. Also on the DVD is a section discussing some of the history of Sight-Size.

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Some have called Painting the Visual Impression by Richard Whitney "Crib Notes of Art" and "The Bible". Whatever one calls it one thing is sure, this book is chock full of information every artist should know. Written by one of America's finest portrait and landscape artists, Richard Whitney's book should be read over and over again by the student and professional alike. Sculpting From Life by Jason Arkles is the first and only instructional manual written about the sight-size method as applied to sculpture. The sight-size method is a strikingly different approach to clay sculpture than is offered by any other how-to manual. Combining optical principles and studio practice dating back five centuries and passed from Master to Apprentice right down to the Author himself, the sight-size method is a philosophy of perception as much as a powerful tool for the sculptor. Jason's website is here. Once a classic drawing instruction manual that was used to teach countless children and young adults how to draw, Drawing Made Easy by E. G. Lutz is now back in print after many years absence. Hallmarks of his approach are simplifying complex shapes as well as working from big to small. These concepts, outlined in Drawing Made Easy, are simple enough for children to understand and yet the same principles are evident in many Old Master drawings. Also contained within this reprinted volume are selections from Lutz's earlier book, Practical Drawing.
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Practical Drawing is available online for free here.
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