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Supplemental Materials

AAE Supplement 1 Cover

Since the publication of An Accurate Eye, I have received numerous requests for additional exercise materials. To fill the need I have created a supplemental ebook. To access it for free, you will of course need to have first purchased An Accurate Eye.

In An Accurate Eye I may, at times, have been a bit unclear as to what level of accuracy I expected from my students. That was intentional as I have found that many students, especially children and young adults, limit themselves to merely what the instructor expects. For example, if I expect accuracy to within one eighth of an inch, and tell you so, you may reach that level and then move on. However, your eye may be capable of smaller errors, and if you stop at one eighth of an inch you may never know.

I italicized the word ‘accuracy’ above because being one eighth of an inch from your target is not really accurate. This also brings up another issue, which is your specific anatomy and genetics. There may be a level of error that your eye is anatomically incapable of reducing. But regardless of what that is, your goal should be to reach that level.

So where does this leave us? First, strive for absolute, 100% accuracy on each and every exercise. Second, realize that at some point you may reach a stage of diminishing returns. You will recognize this when your errors, however minor, do not improve after four or five attempts. Another telling sign is when your errors are consistently in the same place, even though you are aware of it and try to make allowances as you draw. When either or both of these situations occur, move on.

With the above permission in mind, do not be discouraged. Your degree of trained natural accuracy will likely end up being part a what differentiates your art from another’s. It may also end up being known as your style, your manner, or your signature.*

Prior customers have already been sent the supplemental PDF. All future customers will be able to download the file from the same place that the main book is accessed.

*This should not be taken as a license to revel in your errors.

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