The Eyeballing Game

Odoardo Fialetti, Sketches of Eyes, detail (1608).Odoardo Fialetti, Sketches of Eyes, detail (1608).

Mentioned many times on this site is that you will draw better when you have an accurate eye; that learning to draw is actually learning to see. To help you with the process, in early 2016 I wrote an ebook, titled An Accurate Eye. Recently brought to my attention is an online eye accuracy trainer: The Eyeballing Game*, that nicely supplements the book’s exercises.

The beauty of the game is that it helps you to train three of the main requirements for visual accuracy: position, angle, and distance.

Eyeballing game examples.Examples of three of the seven tests which make up The Eyeballing Game.

Your goal, as shown in the three examples above, is to move the blue square or arrow target into its proper position. When you release the mouse, the game shows you the correct placement (in green) and how far off you were in units of accuracy. You will go through each of the seven challenges three times. Your speed is also being timed.

Once you finish, your scores are tallied and you are presented with a table showing your inaccuracies in each category and for each of the three attempts.

You can play the game here. Note that the game is Flash-based. As such it does not work on iOS devices. Perhaps that is for the best, however, as the space covered by your finger would inhibit an accurate placement. Be sure to read the site’s about page for information on the accuracy of your monitor.

*Hat tip to Leo Mancini Hresko who brought this game to my attention.

If you want to go beyond what this online game can help you practice, check out my ebook, An Accurate Eye: Learn to Draw Better by Learning to See Better.

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