Articles that Digress from Sight-Size

Digression: leaving the main subject in an extended written or verbal expression of thought.

Although this site is mostly all Sight-Size all the time, there are important digressions. Some of the articles in this category are rewrites from an old blog I used to manage. Others are brand new. In either case, these digressions should of interest to representational artists.


Style and Manner

I was taught that style was a choice an artist makes whereas manner is something which is not chosen but naturally occurring. Manner, therefore, was to be avoided. In fact, a part of one’s training in Sight-Size was subduing subconscious mannerisms in the student. You must learn to objectively represent nature before you can successfully engage in subjective representations.


Bunker’s Fishhooks

One of the first things beginning painters want to know is how to physically put paint on the canvas. There are many options: you might stroke it, dab it, or scrub it, etc. In a sense, your brush stroke is like your handwriting which differs with each individual. Such was the case with Bunker’s fishhooks.



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