Ten Years Later

On November 12, 2007 I released Cast Drawing Using the Sight-Size Approach, the first book to be focused exclusively on Sight-Size cast drawing. On the same day I inaugurated sightsize.com. Since then I have written and published five other books, produced a DVD, and republished three books that were then out-of-print. It is now ten years later.

The Great Charcoal Shootout

When I was studying at the ateliers in the U.S. and in Florence (1980-1990), our go-to charcoal brands were Windsor & Newton and J. M. Paillard. Other brands, like Nitram and Grumbacher were also in use by some students and ateliers. Now that Paillard is gone, and Nitram has been resurrected, it’s time for a great charcoal shootout!

Making Plaster Casts

Andrea Felice

Plaster cast reproductions are ubiquitous in today’s art schools, ateliers and academies. Did you ever wonder how the molds were made and who makes them? This article, by my friend Andrea Felice, will help answer those questions.