Cesare Tallone

Article by Darren Rousar.

Cesare Tallone Working Sight-Size in 1911Cesare Tallone (1853–1919) working on a portrait of Alessandro Pirovano in his studio, circa 1911.
Notice that the painting is closer to the viewer than the model. The painting is in Sight-Size, but it is not life-size.

Cesare Tallone studied at the Brera Academy in Milan, between 1872 and 1880. He was most well known for his portraits and he had a working friendship with Antonio Mancini.

Tallone, Lyda Borelli in 1911Tallone in his studio (lower-right) with his portrait of Lyda Borelli (in-progress), 1911.

Tallone, Lyda Borelli (detail)Tallone, Lyda Borelli (detail).

Cesare Tallone, The Oyster SellerTallone, The Oyster Seller (1884-1885).

The standard book on Tallone, written by his granddaughter, is here (in Italian). She also maintains a website dedicated to the family, here (in Italian).

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