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The Sight-Size Cast

Darren R. Rousar   December 3, 2016

Contained within just over 300 pages, The Sight-Size Cast has everything you ever wanted to know about Sight-Size cast drawing and painting, impressionistic seeing, and the ways in which many of the ateliers that stem from R. H. Ives Gammell teach those subjects. Available now!


An Accurate Eye

Darren R. Rousar   December 3, 2016

You can draw better when you can see better. An Accurate Eye: Learn to Draw Better by Learning to See Better contains over two-dozen practical exercises suitable for everyone who wants to improve their visual accuracy.


Memory Drawing

Darren R. Rousar   December 3, 2016

Why should an artist bother to train their visual memory, and what does that even mean? Can't I just paint what's in front of me, or from a photograph, or from my imagination? These are the kinds of questions I sometimes get from students when I bring up the subject of memory drawing.


Landscape Painting

Darren R. Rousar   December 3, 2016

The Hudson River School and the Tonalist Movement are two great periods in American landscape painting. Beyond the examples of their paintings, we are fortunate to have what are considered to be each movements textbooks: Asher B. Durand's, Letters on Landscape Painting (1855) and Birge Harrison's Landscape Painting (1910). Now, for the first time, both books are available in one volume.


Drawing Made Easy

Darren R. Rousar   December 3, 2016

Once a classic drawing instruction manual that was used to teach countless children and young adults how to draw, Drawing Made Easy by E. G. Lutz is now back in print after many years absence. Hallmarks of his approach are simplifying complex shapes as well as working from big to small. These concepts are simple enough for children to understand and yet the same principles are evident in many Old Master drawings.

Steps To Seeing

Darren R. Rousar   December 3, 2016

One of the ways to learn how to see and draw is through copying Bargue Plates in Sight-Size. You can do this on your own, by purchasing the Charles Bargue: Drawing Course. Or, you can use Sight-Size.com's free guide, Steps To Seeing.

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