Present-Day Sight-Size Artists

Justin Hess

Darren R. Rousar   February 22, 2017

Justin Hess, a Florence Academy of Art alumnus, was kind enough to participate in a phone interview the other day. He's an accomplished artist as well as the founder of JHess Studios, a working atelier located in downtown San Francisco.

Matthew James Collins

Darren R. Rousar   October 19, 2016

Matthew James Collins is an American artist and teacher who lives in Italy. We first met in 1995 while he was a student at Charles Cecil Studios in Florence. Since then Matt has gone onto make a name for himself as a painter and sculptor.

Thomas Dunlay

Thomas R. Dunlay

Darren R. Rousar   April 13, 2016

Tom Dunlay is a Boston-area artist who specializes in cityscapes and outdoor figure painting. In the early 70s he was a student of both Robert Douglas Hunter and R. H. Ives Gammell. Tom and I met online a few years ago, through Facebook, and recently he agreed to a phone interview.

Urban Larsson

Darren R. Rousar   December 20, 2015

Urban is a Swedish artist and a friend from well over twenty years ago. We attended Studio Cecil-Graves together in Florence and were briefly roommates. Since that time he has gone on to make quite a name for himself in the world of European portraiture.

Kirk Richards

Darren R. Rousar   November 16, 2015

Artist, author and teacher, Kirk Richards and I first met, online in 2008, and in person during the memorial for Richard Lack in 2009. Since then he has often been a source of information and encouragement. Recently, he was kind enough to answer some questions for

Richard Whitney

Darren R. Rousar   October 4, 2015

The subjects in Richard Whitney's portraits seem as if they are alive, they are masterfully done, without being overly rendered or colored. He is a prolific landscape painter as well and nobody paints spring tree buds and apple blossoms like he does.

Darren R. Rousar

Darren R. Rousar   May 14, 2015

Darren R. Rousar began formal classical art training when he was 16 years old. He has been teaching Sight-Size for over 30 years, to students from age 8 to their mid-80s. Darren is the author of three books, two of which are based on Sight-Size.

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