Sight-Size Cast Drawing Online Course Launch!

Article by Darren Rousar. Most recently updated in February of 2019.


From the time I began teaching back in the late 80s I have made the case that in order to learn how to draw what you see you need to learn how to see. The best way to do both is in Sight-Size. And the best way to begin with Sight-Size is cast drawing. From today you can do it in your own home through my first online course: Sight-Size Cast Drawing, on my new site: Atelier Rousar | online.

Why is this awesome?
Nowadays, even though there are many in-person ateliers, precious few can attend those institutions. The aim of Atelier Rousar | online is to give those who cannot attend a physical atelier a virtual way to do it – under an instructor who came through the Gammell-Lack tradition.

To be sure, there are differences between an in-person atelier and online training, but not as many as it would seem. Atelier training begins with cast drawing, and so it is at Atelier Rousar | online. The Sight-Size Cast Drawing course will take you through every step of Sight-Size cast drawing: from setting up a makeshift home studio, all the way through to finish.

You can find out all the details over here on the course’s sales page. But before you go…

Did you notice the plural courses? There are two.

One course is on-your-own and will always be on offer. It’s perfect for self-starters. The other course is identical to the first, but for two important differences:

  1. Your work is critiqued by me as you progress through the course.
  2. Enrollment is limited to 20 people bi-annually.

Is the course right for you?
The best way to tell is to take a test drive, so if you haven’t already head on over to this page here and enroll in the free demo. I’ll need your full name and your best email address. There is no charge to access the demo, nor will I ask for your credit card information (until you choose to enroll in a full course).

If you already know that you want to enroll in one of the courses, you can do so here.



And begin learning how to draw what you see today!

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You can learn cast drawing in Sight-Size with my help!

Learning how to accurately see, as well as draw, is best done through cast drawing in Sight-Size. Ateliers exist worldwide to help you do that. But what if you cannot attend an atelier? Or, perhaps you are already in an atelier and would like to supplement that training?

You can learn how to see through Sight-Size, or enhance what you already know with help through my various books and courses. Available at