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Even if you cannot attend an in-person atelier, learning how to draw what you see through Sight-Size can be done on your own. If that is your situation, the resources available through the Sight-Size Store will be of great help.


Steps to Seeing
Free Guide!

Many ateliers begin their student’s training using Bargue Plates in Sight-Size. And now you can learn to draw Bargue Plates in Sight-Size for free.


Sight-Size Cast Drawing
Online Course

The first step in learning to draw what you see is often cast drawing in Sight-Size. Now you can do it in your own home through Atelier Rousar | online!


The Sight-Size Cast

You can learn how to see through Sight-Size, or enhance what you already know, with Darren R. Rousar’s book, The Sight-Size Cast.


Memory Drawing

All drawing from observation is drawing from memory. It only makes sense to train it. Learn how through Memory Drawing


An Accurate Eye

You’ll draw better when you see better. An Accurate Eye presents over two dozen exercises for anyone who wants to improve their accuracy.


Landscape Painting

Asher B. Durand’s Letters on Landscape Painting (1855) and Birge Harrison’s Landscape Painting (1910) together in print for the first time!


Drawing Made Easy

Once a classic drawing instruction manual that was used to teach countless children, Drawing Made Easy is now back in print.



And begin learning how to draw what you see today!

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Learn Sight-Size cast drawing through the
full-length book,
The Sight-Size Cast!

Learning how to accurately see, as well as draw, is best done through Sight-Size cast drawing. Ateliers exist worldwide to help you do that. But what if you cannot afford atelier training, or there is not an atelier nearby? Or, perhaps you are already in an atelier and would like to supplement that training?

You can learn how to see through Sight-Size, or enhance what you already know with Darren R. Rousar's book The Sight-Size Cast.