Charles Wellington Furse

Article by Darren Rousar. Most recently updated in February of 2019.

Sight-Size-FurseCharles Wellington Furse in the studio working on the painting,
Mr. and Mrs. Oliver Fishing on the River Laerdel in Norway (1903).

At age 16, Charles Wellington Furse, ARA (1868-1904) became a student of Alphonse Legros at the Slade school, London. Later, he attended the Académie Julian in Paris. He was a painter of portraits and figure subjects, lecturer and writer on art. His manner was free and original and he was particularly adept at painting horses.

Furse-SirFrancisMowattCharles Wellington Furse, Portrait of Sir Francis Mowatt, from the Government Art Collection, UK.

“Heavily built and square-shouldered, he looked so robust, in his knickerbockers and tweeds, with big biceps and full calves. There was a suggestion of Rembrandt in his massive head, with its small, humorous eyes; and he wore a short moustache and tuft under his lip. Pugnacious, argumentative, ever trailing a coat, he was the joy of his friends, of whom no man had more.”
-Sir William Rothenstein, Men and Memories (1931), Vol I, p. 173.

Furse-DianaOfTheUplandsCharles Wellington Furse, Diana of the Uplands, from the Tate, London.

For an interesting biography on Furse, see an Exhibition of Pictures & Sketches by Charles Wellington Furse, A. R. A.



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